Commensurate and incommensurate 1D interacting quantum systems
Nature Communications 15, 474 (2024)
Abstract Single-atom imaging resolution of many-body quantum systems in optical lattices is routinely achieved with quantum-gas …
A comparative study of deconvolution techniques for quantum-gas microscope images
New Journal of Physics (2023)
Abstract Quantum-gas microscopes are used to study ultracold atoms in optical lattices at the single-particle level. In these system …
Quantum-gas microscopy with K40
We study ultracold and degenerate fermionic Potassium-40 atoms in a square optical lattice. We were among the first in the world to see individual fermionic atoms in a quantum gas microscope (see link). Our lab has been recognised as the coldest place in Scotland in 2017. Recently we have implemented Raman Sideband cooling and we aim to use this experiment to discover new physics in the Fermi-Hubbard model in the upcomming years.
Quantum-gas microscopy with K<sup>40</sup>
Quantum-gas microscopy with Rb87
In this experiment we study ultracold and degenrate bosonic Rubidium atoms in a square optical lattice. We use high resolution static and dynamic programmable potentials to modify the lattice potential that traps the atoms.
Quantum-gas microscopy with Rb<sup>87</sup>
Accurate holographic light potentials using pixel crosstalk modelling
Scientific Reports 13, (2023)
Arbitrary light potentials have proven to be a valuable and versatile tool in many quantum information and quantum simulation …
Quantum gas microscopes
Group Kuhr
Quantum gas microscopes
The quantum technologies roadmap: a European community view
New Journal of Physics 20, 080201 (2018)
Sub-Doppler laser cooling of 40K with Raman gray molasses on the D2 line
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50, (2017)
Gray molasses is a powerful tool for sub-Doppler laser cooling of atoms to low temperatures. For alkaline atoms, this technique is …
Quantum-gas microscopes: a new tool for cold-atom quantum simulators
National Science Review 3, 170–172 (2016)
Single-atom imaging of fermions in a quantum-gas microscope
Nature Physics 11, 738–742 (2015)
Single-atom-resolved detection in optical lattices using quantum-gas microscopes has enabled a new generation of experiments in the …