High-efficiency coupled-cavity optical frequency comb generation
Optics Continuum 2, 894 (2023)
We present a high efficiency source of picosecond pulses derived from a dual cavity optical frequency comb generator. This approach …
Demonstration of quantum-enhanced rangefinding robust against classical jamming
In this paper we demonstrate operation of a quantum-enhanced lidar based on a continuously pumped photon pair source combined with …
Object detection and rangefinding with quantum states using simple detection
In a noisy environment with weak single levels, quantum illumination can outperform classical illumination in determining the presence …
A practical compact source of heralded single photons for a simple detection LIDAR
Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging XIX 21 (2021)
Theoretical comparison of quantum and classical illumination for simple detection-based LIDAR
Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging XIX 5 (2021)
Gaussian state-based quantum illumination with simple photodetection
Optics Express 29, 8199 (2021)
Proofs of the quantum advantage available in imaging or detecting objects under quantum illumination can rely on optimal measurements …