Disorder mapping in VCSELs using frequency-selective feedback
Optics Letters 37, 1079–1081 (2012)
We report on a simple method with a high spectral and spatial resolution for mapping variations in the cavity resonance of a …
Control of broad-area vertical-cavity surface emitting laser emission by optically induced photonic crystals
Applied Physics Letters 93, 151114 (2008)
We control the emission properties of a broad-area vertical-cavity surface emitting laser by coupling it to an external feedback cavity …
Tunable, narrow-band light source in the 1.25 μm region based on broad-area quantum dot lasers with feedback
Applied Physics B 89, 585–588 (2007)
The coherence of broad-area laser diodes with quantum dot gain medium is improved by frequency-selective feedback. A linewidth of 5–10 …