Spontaneously Sliding Multipole Spin Density Waves in Cold Atoms
Physical Review Letters 132, 143402 (2024)
We report on the observation of spontaneously drifting coupled spin and quadrupolar density waves in the ground state of laser driven …
Continuous Acceleration Sensing Using Optomechanical Droplets
Atoms 12, 15 (2024)
We show that a Bose–Einstein Condensate illuminated by a far off-resonant optical pump field and its retroreflection from a feedback …
Interspecies Förster resonances for Rb-Cs Rydberg d-states for enhanced multi-qubit gate fidelities
Physical Review Research 6, 013293 (2024)
A cold-atom Ramsey clock with a low volume physics package
Scientific Reports 14, (2024)
We demonstrate a Ramsey-type microwave clock interrogating the 6.835 GHz ground-state transition in cold 87Rb atoms loaded from a …
Benchmarking the algorithmic performance of near-term neutral atom processors
Neutral atom quantum processors provide a viable route to scalable quantum computing, with recent demonstrations of high-fidelity and …
Commensurate and incommensurate 1D interacting quantum systems
Nature Communications 15, 474 (2024)
Abstract Single-atom imaging resolution of many-body quantum systems in optical lattices is routinely achieved with quantum-gas …
Demonstration of quantum-enhanced rangefinding robust against classical jamming
Optics Express 32, 2916 (2024)
We demonstrate a quantum-enhanced lidar capable of performing confident target detection and rangefinding in the presence of strong, …
Demonstration of weighted graph optimization on a Rydberg atom array using local light-shifts
Neutral atom arrays have emerged as a versatile platform towards scalable quantum computation and optimization. In this paper we …
Single-board low-noise fluxgate magnetometer
Journal of Applied Physics 135, (2024)
Low-noise fluxgate magnetometers are normally comprised of three separate devices: a power supply, the sensor head/electronics and an …