Long-range interactions in a quantum gas mediated by diffracted light
Physical Review Research 5, L032004 (2023)
A Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) interacting with an optical field via a feedback mirror can be a realization of the quantum …
Randomized Benchmarking Using Nondestructive Readout in a Two-Dimensional Atom Array
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An additive-manufactured microwave cavity for a compact cold-atom clock
Journal of Applied Physics 133, 224401 (2023)
We present an additive-manufactured microwave cavity for a Ramsey-type, double resonance, compact cold-atom clock. Atoms can be laser …
Automated Machine Learning Strategies for Multi-Parameter Optimisation of a Caesium-Based Portable Zero-Field Magnetometer
Sensors 23, 4007 (2023)
Machine learning (ML) is an effective tool to interrogate complex systems to find optimal parameters more efficiently than through …
Chip-Scale Packages for a Tunable Wavelength Reference and Laser Cooling Platform
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High-efficiency coupled-cavity optical frequency comb generation
Optics Continuum 2, 894 (2023)
We present a high efficiency source of picosecond pulses derived from a dual cavity optical frequency comb generator. This approach …
Technology roadmap for cold-atoms based quantum inertial sensor in space
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Recent developments in quantum technology have resulted in a new generation of sensors for measuring inertial quantities, such as …
Accurate holographic light potentials using pixel crosstalk modelling
Scientific Reports 13, (2023)
Arbitrary light potentials have proven to be a valuable and versatile tool in many quantum information and quantum simulation …
Cold-atom shaping with MEMS scanning mirrors
Optics Letters 48, 37 (2023)
We demonstrate the integration of micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) scanning mirrors as active elements for the local optical …
Demonstration of quantum-enhanced rangefinding robust against classical jamming
In this paper we demonstrate operation of a quantum-enhanced lidar based on a continuously pumped photon pair source combined with …