Cold atoms in space: community workshop summary and proposed road-map
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Abstract We summarise the discussions at a virtual Community Workshop on Cold Atoms in Space concerning the status of cold atom …
Demonstration of a Quantum Gate Using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
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We demonstrate a native CNOT gate between two individually addressed neutral atoms based on electromagnetically induced transparency. …
Micro-fabricated caesium vapor cell with 5 mm optical path length
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Micro-fabricated vapor cells have applications in a number of emerging quantum technology-based devices including miniaturized atomic …
A grating-chip atomic fountain
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Cold atom fountain clocks provide exceptional long term stability as they increase interrogation time at the expense of a larger size. …
High-fidelity multiqubit Rydberg gates via two-photon adiabatic rapid passage
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Abstract We present a robust protocol for implementing high-fidelity multiqubit controlled phase gates ( C k Z ) on neutral atom …
Micro-machined deep silicon atomic vapor cells
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Using a simple and cost-effective water jet process, silicon etch depth limitations are overcome to realize a 6 mm deep atomic vapor …
Observation of magnetic Feshbach resonances between Cs and Yb 173
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Generation of high-winding-number superfluid circulation in Bose-Einstein condensates
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Micro-fabricated components for cold atom sensors
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Laser cooled atoms have proven transformative for precision metrology, playing a pivotal role in state-of-the-art clocks and …
A digital alkali spin maser
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Abstract Self-oscillating atomic magnetometers, in which the precession of atomic spins in a magnetic field is driven by resonant …