Hybrid quantum devices: Guest editorial
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An introduction to the APL Special Issue on “Hybrid Quantum Devices” by the guest editors.
Self-Organization in Cold Atoms Mediated by Diffractive Coupling
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This article discusses self-organization in cold atoms via light-mediated interactions induced by feedback from a single …
Multiple Self-Organized Phases and Spatial Solitons in Cold Atoms Mediated by Optical Feedback
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Spontaneous atomic crystallization via diffractive dephasing in optical cavities
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Abstract The design of an experiment on the spontaneous crystallization of a laser-cooled, but thermal atomic cloud into a hexagonally …
Gaussian state-based quantum illumination with simple photodetection
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Proofs of the quantum advantage available in imaging or detecting objects under quantum illumination can rely on optimal measurements …
Quantum degenerate mixtures of Cs and Yb
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Gouy phase-matched angular and radial mode conversion in four-wave mixing
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A High-Frequency Tunable Piezoelectric MEMS Scanner for Fast Addressing Applications
2021 IEEE 34th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) 294–297 (2021)
A history of high-power laser research and development in the United Kingdom
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Abstract The first demonstration of laser action in ruby was made in 1960 by T. H. Maiman of Hughes Research Laboratories, USA. Many …
Compressive Sampling Using a Pushframe Camera
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