Observation of infrared free-induction decay and optical nutation signals from nitrous oxide using a current modulated quantum cascade laser
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Free induction decay (FID), optical nutation, and rapid passage induced signals in nitrous oxide, under both optically thin and …
Preparation and spectroscopy of a metastable Mott-insulator state with attractive interactions
Physical Review Letters 108, (2012)
We prepare and study a metastable attractive Mott-insulator state formed with bosonic atoms in a three-dimensional optical lattice. …
Sub-Doppler spectra of infrared hyperfine transitions of nitric oxide using a pulse modulated quantum cascade laser: Rapid passage, free induction decay, and the ac Stark effect
The Journal of Chemical Physics 136, 174319 (2012)
Using a low power, rapid (nsec) pulse-modulated quantum cascade (QC) laser, collective coherent effects in the 5 μm spectrum of nitric …
The ac Stark effect in nitric oxide induced by rapidly swept continuous wave quantum cascade lasers
The Journal of Chemical Physics 136, 174318 (2012)
A large ac Stark effect has been observed when nitric oxide, at low pressure in a long optical path (100 m) Herriot cell, is subjected …
Solitons in semiconductor microcavities
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Disorder mapping in VCSELs using frequency-selective feedback
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We report on a simple method with a high spectral and spatial resolution for mapping variations in the cavity resonance of a …
High density InAlAs/GaAlAs quantum dots for non-linear optics in microcavities
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Structural and optical properties of InAlAs/GaAlAs quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy are studied using transmission electron …
Correlated Photon Emission from Multiatom Rydberg Dark States
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We consider three-level atoms driven by two resonant light fields in a ladder scheme where the upper level is a highly excited Rydberg …
Light-cone-like spreading of correlations in a quantum many-body system
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In relativistic quantum field theory, information propagation is bounded by the speed of light. No such limit exists in the …
Nonlinear Optics and Saturation Behavior of Quantum Dot Samples Under Continuous Wave Driving
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The nonlinear optical response of self-assembled quantum dots (QD) is relevant to the application of QD-based devices in nonlinear …