Interference of interacting matter waves
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The phenomenon of matter-wave interference lies at the heart of quantum physics. It has been observed in various contexts in the limit …
Inducing transport in a dissipation-free lattice with super Bloch oscillations
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Particles in a perfect lattice potential perform Bloch oscillations when subject to a constant force, leading to localization and …
An ultracold high-density sample of rovibronic ground-state molecules in an optical lattice
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Control over all internal and external degrees of freedom of molecules at the level of single quantum states will enable a series of …
Confinement-induced resonances in low-dimensional quantum systems
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We report on the observation of confinement-induced resonances in strongly interacting quantum-gas systems with tunable interactions …
Spatial interference from well-separated split condensates
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Intrapulse quantum cascade laser spectrometers are able to produce both saturation and molecular alignment of the gas sample. This is …
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Polarization properties in the transition from below to above lasing threshold in broad-area vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
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Spectroscopy and isotope shifts of the 4 s 3 d 1 D 2 – 4 s 5 p 1 P 1 repumping transition in magneto-optically trapped calcium atoms
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Information about intermolecular potentials is usually obtained through the analysis of the absorption line shapes recorded in the …