microscopeWe have developed a quantum-gas microscope for fermionic potassium-40. Our goal is to realize single-atom- and spin-resolved in-situ imaging of strongly correlated fermions in an optical lattice. Gaining access to the in-trap atom distribution with single-atom and single-site resolution will allow for a new generation of experiments in the field. We will be able to probe many-body quantum states and their spatial order in the lattice, and characterize, e.g., temperature, spin-structure, or entropy distribution of the quantum phases such as fermionic Mott insulators, Band insulators, metallic phases or Néel antiferromagnets. Together with the possibility of local spin manipulations, we will investigate the effect of local perturbations on the system by spatially resolving the ensuing dynamical in-trap evolution.


Prof. Stefan Kuhr
Dr. Elmar Haller
Dr. Arthur La Rooij
Mr. Ilian Despard
Mr. Harikesh Ranganath
Mr. Matthew Brown

Former members:
Dr. Bruno Peaudecerf
Dr. Manuel Andia
Mr. Andrés Ulibarrena