Quantum Error Correction in dual-species Rydberg arrays

This project, supported by a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship, M Squared Lasers and EPSRC, seeks to develop a new experiment focused on creating dual-species arrays of Cs and Rb for quantum error correction. This is integrated within a 4K closed-cycle cryostat to obtain extended trap lifetime for scaling to large numbers of qubits, and will focus on exploiting long-range dipole interactions between Rydberg states of each species to enable mid-circuit, non-destructive readout and generation of topologically protected logical qubits as a route towards fault tolerant digital quantum computing.

Early objectives for the project are to precisely measure and characterise Cs and Rb interaction strengths, and exploit the a novel gate protocol based on electromagnetically induced transparency previously demonstrated by our team for a pair of atoms (Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 200501 (2022)) to perform stabiliser operations as a precursor to implementing quantum error correction codes.



Paul Ireland

PhD student


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