Experimental Quantum Optics
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Latest News

Demonstration of quantum-enhanced rangefinding robust against classical jamming
We utilise a correlated pair-source to perform target detection and range-finding to demonstrate the resilience of quantum-enhanced lidar to classical jamming arXiv:2307.10794.
New Chancellor’s Fellow

Congratulations on Dr Stuart Ingleby becoming the groups newest Chancellors Fellow. Stuart will continue to advance the development of atomic magnetometry, see here for details.

James McGilligan awarded RAEng

Congratulations to Dr James McGilligan on receiving a prestigious Royal Society of Engineering Fellowship to develop technology for quantum navigation. There is a detailed Strathclyde news article available here.

Innovate UK grant

Congratulations to Prof. Erling Riis, Dr. Paul Griffin and Dr. Jonathan Pritchard who are leading work on DISCOVERY, a £10m IUK programme to establish commercial supply chains for quantum computing in collaboration with UK industry.

Recent publications

An additive-manufactured microwave cavity for a compact cold-atom clock
Journal of Applied Physics 133, 224401 (2023)
We present an additive-manufactured microwave cavity for a Ramsey-type, double resonance, compact cold-atom clock. Atoms can be laser …
Automated Machine Learning Strategies for Multi-Parameter Optimisation of a Caesium-Based Portable Zero-Field Magnetometer
Sensors 23, 4007 (2023)
Machine learning (ML) is an effective tool to interrogate complex systems to find optimal parameters more efficiently than through …
Cold-atom shaping with MEMS scanning mirrors
Optics Letters 48, 37 (2023)
We demonstrate the integration of micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) scanning mirrors as active elements for the local optical …
Cold atoms in space: community workshop summary and proposed road-map
EPJ Quantum Technology 9, 30 (2022)
Abstract We summarise the discussions at a virtual Community Workshop on Cold Atoms in Space concerning the status of cold atom …