Experimental Quantum Optics
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Latest News

Demonstration of quantum-enhanced rangefinding robust against classical jamming
Our results demonstrating a correlated pair-source to perform target detection and range-finding to show the resilience of quantum-enhanced lidar to classical jamming have been published in Optics Express.
New Chancellor’s Fellow

Congratulations on Dr Stuart Ingleby becoming the groups newest Chancellors Fellow. Stuart will continue to advance the development of atomic magnetometry, see here for details.

James McGilligan awarded RAEng

Congratulations to Dr James McGilligan on receiving a prestigious Royal Society of Engineering Fellowship to develop technology for quantum navigation. There is a detailed Strathclyde news article available here.

Innovate UK grant

Congratulations to Prof. Erling Riis, Dr. Paul Griffin and Dr. Jonathan Pritchard who are leading work on DISCOVERY, a £10m IUK programme to establish commercial supply chains for quantum computing in collaboration with UK industry.

Recent publications

A cold-atom Ramsey clock with a low volume physics package
Scientific Reports 14, (2024)
We demonstrate a Ramsey-type microwave clock interrogating the 6.835 GHz ground-state transition in cold 87Rb atoms loaded from a …
Single-board low-noise fluxgate magnetometer
Journal of Applied Physics 135, (2024)
Low-noise fluxgate magnetometers are normally comprised of three separate devices: a power supply, the sensor head/electronics and an …
Optimal binary gratings for multi-wavelength magneto-optical traps
Optics Express 31, 40871–40880 (2023)
Grating magneto-optical traps are an enabling quantum technology for portable metrological devices with ultracold atoms. However, beam …
Portable single-beam cesium zero-field magnetometer for magnetocardiography
Journal of Optical Microsystems 3, (2023)
Optically pumped magnetometers (OPMs) are becoming common in the realm of biomagnetic measurements. We discuss the development of a …