A comparative study of deconvolution techniques for quantum-gas microscope images


Abstract Quantum-gas microscopes are used to study ultracold atoms in optical lattices at the single-particle level. In these system atoms are localised on lattice sites with separations close to or below the diffraction limit. To determine the lattice occupation with high fidelity, a deconvolution of the images is often required. We compare three different techniques, a local iterative deconvolution algorithm, Wiener deconvolution and the Lucy-Richardson algorithm, using simulated microscope images. We investigate how the reconstruction fidelity scales with varying signal-to-noise ratio, lattice filling fraction, varying fluorescence levels per atom, and imaging resolution. The results of this study identify the limits of singe-atom detection and provide quantitative fidelities which are applicable for different atomic species and quantum-gas microscope setups.

New Journal of Physics