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We demonstrate a Ramsey-type microwave clock interrogating the 6.835 GHz ground-state transition in cold 87Rb atoms loaded from a …
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Neutral atom quantum processors provide a viable route to scalable quantum computing, with recent demonstrations of high-fidelity and …
Commensurate and incommensurate 1D interacting quantum systems
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Abstract Single-atom imaging resolution of many-body quantum systems in optical lattices is routinely achieved with quantum-gas …
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We demonstrate a quantum-enhanced lidar capable of performing confident target detection and rangefinding in the presence of strong, …
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Neutral atom arrays have emerged as a versatile platform towards scalable quantum computation and optimization. In this paper we …
Single-board low-noise fluxgate magnetometer
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Low-noise fluxgate magnetometers are normally comprised of three separate devices: a power supply, the sensor head/electronics and an …
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Grating magneto-optical traps are an enabling quantum technology for portable metrological devices with ultracold atoms. However, beam …
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Optically pumped magnetometers (OPMs) are becoming common in the realm of biomagnetic measurements. We discuss the development of a …
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We describe a mechanism for guiding the dynamical evolution of ultracold atomic motional degrees of freedom toward multiparticle …