Vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VECSELs) combine semiconductor gain media with cavity design as it is typical for solid-state lasers. Hence, they are also referred to as semiconductor disk lasers (SDL). They are extremely versatile and potentially high power devices with excellent beam quality (brightness converters). Experiments concerned

  • mode-locking of VECSELs at low repetition rates as required in biophotonics by synchronous pumping,
  • in-well pumping of VECSELs.

News and esteem

  • Invited talk: Extending the wavelength coverage of VECSELs.
    Advanced Semiconductor Material Workshop, Tucson, AZ, February 20-21, 2008.
  • Invited talk: Vertical-cavity external surface-emitting lasers – An overview and specific aspects.
    Coherent Engineering Seminar, Coherent Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA, Aug 12, 2011.


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