The research covers several aspects of ‘Nonlinear Photonics’ with fundamental and applicative aspects, in particular the understanding of the complex nonlinear processes determining (and partially limiting) the performance of semiconductor-based photonic devices and lasers, their control and the utilization of nonlinearities for applications.  Focus is on understanding and controlling the highly nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers, especially VCSELs. On the fundamental side many activities have strong interdisciplinary aspects being connected to self-organization phenomena in nonequilibrium system ubiquitous in Nonlinear and Complexity Science, technology and nature.  It is performed in close cooperation with the Computational Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Optics Group within the Optics Division.

Cold atom optomechanical self-organization Laser dynamics and spin lasers Solitons and broad-area VCSELs

Previous projects:

Vertical-external cavity surface-emitting lasers
Nonlinear optics of quantum dots
THz generation