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Date Location Speaker Title
 2017-04-28  8.11 Laurent Sanchez-Palencia Spreading of Quantum Correlations in Short- and Long-Range Interacting Systems

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Speaker: Laurent Sanchez-Palencia, Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS, Univ Paris-Saclay)
Date: 28th April 2017
Time: 10am
Location: 8.11
Title: Spreading of Quantum Correlations in Short- and Long-Range Interacting Systems
The out-of-equilibrium dynamics of correlated quantum systems is attracting considerable attention sparked by the emergence of new quantum devices that combine long coherence times, slow dynamics, and precise control of parameters. They concern a variety of systems including ultracold atoms, artificial ion crystals, electronic circuits, spin chains in organic conductors, and quantum photonic systems for instance. One of the most fundamental features of the dynamics of quantum systems is the existence of so-called Lieb-Robinson bounds to the propagation of correlations. Such bounds have fundamental implications on propagation of information, spreading of quantum correlations, and the dynamics of thermalization processes.

Here, we study the dynamics of quantum correlations in various lattice systems using a combination of numerical and analytical many-body approaches. For quantum systems with short-range interactions, our results confirm ballistic spreading of quantum correlations in 1D and 2D Bose-Hubbard models and allow for accurate determination of the cone-like velocity. In dimension higher than two, we show that the correlation pattern is determined by many-body interference effects and that the wave front is characterized by a ballistic spreading within the Manhattan metrics rather than Euclidian metrics, hence producing a square rather than circular correlation front.

In long-range interacting systems, various extensions of the Lieb-Robinson bounds have been proposed. For interactions decaying algebraically in space like 1/R^a in a square lattice of dimension D, universal bounds predict super-ballistic spreading for a > D and no bound for a<=d.
While compatible with those bounds, our results show that
(i)~the quantum speed limit set by Lieb-Robinson bounds is most often not reached,
(ii)~the spreading of quantum correlations is often sub-ballistic,and that it is both
(iii)~ model-dependent and
These conclusions are based on the systematic numerical study of the dynamics of two models characterized by the same universal bounds but that show completely different behaviors and on the study of various observables. These two models, namely the extended Ising and Bose-Hubbard models, are realizable within ultracold atom or ion systems.
The numerics are both qualitatively and quantitatively supported by an analytical approach based on exact dynamics of many-body excitations.

Our results shed new light on the dynamics of quantum correlations in short- and long-range interacting systems. They pave the way to future experimental investigations and application to quantum communications in new engineered quantum devices.

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Imperial College
Coulomb Crystals and Motional Sideband Spectroscopy of Ca+ Ions in a Penning Trap
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University of Pittsburgh
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How to design any linear optical component and how to avoid it (Departmental Colloquium)
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University of Oxford
New techniques for investigating cold/quantum matter
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Università degli Studi di Milano
Collective Scattering of Light in High-Finesse Ring Cavities and Optical Lattices
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University of Southampton
Optomechanical effects: From single atoms to optical fibres
18/3/13 Mauro Paternostro
Queen’s University Belfast
A route to quantum effects in mesoscopic systems
6/3/13 Daniele Faccio
Light in moving media (Departmental Colloquium)
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University of Birmingham
Quantum optics in the transverse dimension: squeezing the local quantum fluctuations of a light field
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Heriot -Watt
How to directly measure a quantum wavefunction
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From Ultracold Fermi Gases to Neutron Stars (Departmental Colloquium)
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University of Wisconsin/Madison
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University of Nottingham
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Heriot-Watt University
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University of Cambridge
Spins and Photons of Quantum Dots
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Durham University
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14/3/12 Robin Kaiser
Institut Non Lineaire de Nice
Coherence effects in light transport : Dicke vs Anderson localization
5/10/11 Elmar Haller
University of Innsbruck
Interacting quantum gases in optical lattice potentials (Departmental Colloquium)