In this Strathclyde/Glasgow collaboration we have observed highly efficient generation of 420 nm laser light via up-conversion of near-infrared lasers in a hot rubidium vapor cell, with single-pass conversion efficiency of 260%/W, significantly higher than in previous experiments. Favorable scaling of our current 1mW blue beam power with additional pump power has been shown. We have investigated:

Relevant Rb energy levels for the four-wave mixing process. (Top) 1mW of 420nm light from ~20+20mW of focused 780nm and 776nm light. (Bottom) 420nm beam power with (blue, 1MHz linewidth) and without (red) a ring cavity. Experimental image of a 420nm laser beam carrying trans-spectral OAM transferred from the near-infrared pump beams. Quantitative information on the OAM is found by using Fourier methods on the interferogram formed when the beam is overlapped with its mirror image.

Funding: Leverhulme Trust RPG-2013-386.


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